What changes take place when a woman is pregnant?

Every year, 800,000 babies are born in France. The average age of a first-time expectant mother is 29. Many precautions must be taken to ensure the health and well-being of both the expectant mother and her child.

Pregnancy is generally accompanied by physical and emotional changes, due mainly to surging hormones. A pregnant woman often notices that her hair becomes thicker and her skin glows, but she also gains weight, experiences breast pain and is affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Why are nutritional needs more specific during pregnancy?

These changes can cause discomforts known collectively as “pregnancy sickness”. Nausea, constipation, sleep disturbances and cramps are some of the discomforts a pregnant woman may experience in the various trimesters of her pregnancy. They vary in severity from one woman to the next.

Today, nearly 75% of all pregnant women experience nausea, mainly in their first two trimesters, and nearly half of them experience constipation that continues after the birth.

But these problems are not inevitable because there are simple and natural ways to treat them.

Why use Maternov?

Health authorities recommend a diet rich in fiber, fruit and vitamins to correct any deficiencies and alleviate some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Today, Maternov is the first and only range designed specifically for pregnant women. Each product is made in France with the necessary ingredients, some of them organic, to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy and allow women to have a better experience during this time in their lives. The Maternov range now includes 4 products targeting nausea, cramps, constipation and fatigue.

Maternov Nausée comes in the form of a capsule of organic ginger, which undergoes an exclusive process designed to preserve the plant’s active properties while limiting the risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. Maternov Transit comes in the form of a fiber and fruit square designed to fight constipation physiologically.

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