Why do I need to protect my lips?

The skin of your lips is 5 times thinner than the skin on your face and has no natural protective film (hydrolipidic film), unlike the rest of the body. This makes it more sensitive to external stresses and heightens the risk of dehydration. The lips are therefore fragile and particularly vulnerable to becoming dry.

  • Withered appearance
  • Chapping, cracking
  • Flakes of dead skin
  • Sensation of irritation and burning

This occurs most often in the winter, due to the cold and wind, but can also happen at other times! In the summer, with the sun, chlorine, salt and dry atmospheres, your lips are continually undergoing stress.

How do I take care of my lips?

You must moisturize your lips daily with a protective balm, which will limit hydration loss and protect it from the exterior elements. You should not wait to have chapped lips, or wait for the winter to arrive, before you take action.

The balm you use must contain cacao butter, beeswax, olive oil or shea butter. Fatty active ingredients such as these will hydrate, nourish and repair.

When you have chapped lips:

  • Do not pull off the flakes of dead skin, since there is a risk of ripping the healthy skin under it.
  • Do not lick your lips to moisten them. They may feel hydrated just after doing this, but in reality it just dries them further.
  • Limit your exposure to UV rays, since lips do not produce melanin, the pigment that protects skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Avoid low-quality lipstick and lip gloss.
Why should I use Carmex?

Carmex® lip balms contain a unique combination of ingredients, including natural moisturizers such as cacao butter and lanolin. Moreover, they provide a lasting protective barrier thanks to the beeswax they contain.

In addition to providing deep hydration and protecting your lips over time, Carmex® soothes chapped, cracked lips with the time-honored ingredients camphor and menthol, which calm irritation and relieve pain.

The effectiveness of these balms has already been proven. Formulated in the United States in 1937, the product grew in popularity thanks to word-of-mouth praise for the little yellow jar, and the brand grew. Today, 130 Carmex® balms are sold every minute, worldwide.

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