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Laboratoires Majorelle dedicates its operations and projects to resolving public health problems. In this framework, we are open to new opportunities in the form of partnerships in France and internationally. Laboratoires Majorelle products may be sold internationally with licensing agreements for other countries. If you are interested in forming a partnership with Laboratoires Majorelle, don’t hesitate to fill out the “Write to us” form.

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The information on this part of the website applies only to individuals residing in France. Regulations and medical practices may be different in other countries. For this reason, this information may not be appropriate outside of France.

The website to provide health-related information. Laboratoires Majorelle operates in the pharmaceutical sector. Its activities are highly regulated and are supervised by the French Health Product Safety Agency. Regulations limit and structure communications in terms of health or the use of medication. The information on the website is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis, does not replace a consultation with a healthcare professional and is not intended to promote products sold by Laboratoires Majorelle or another company. If you are a patient, we advise you to visit a doctor or qualified healthcare professional to ask any questions you may have about your health and before making any decisions related to a treatment. If you are a doctor or qualified healthcare professional, you must not substitute the content of this website for your own medical judgment, to which you must refer when you evaluate the information presented on this website.

Laboratoires Majorelle has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the information mentioned on this website is accurate, exhaustive and up to date, but provides no express guarantee of this. If any information were to prove inaccurate or incomplete, or infringe upon the rights of users or third parties in any way, Laboratoires Majorelle and the website may not be held liable on any grounds.

Laboratoires Majorelle and the website not be held liable for direct or indirect harm that could result from accessing the website or using it, or using its functions and the information that appears on it or that is transmitted by any other means (email, text message, PDA), regardless of its nature. Laboratoires Majorelle and the website decline all liability in the event of damage sustained by the user, in particular via the loss, deterioration or alteration of files, or the transmission of viruses that could infect the user’s computer or any other property due to visiting or using the website and its functions.

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Like many large companies, with a view to achieving optimal performance, Laboratoires Majorelle strives to regularly improve its website and personalize it to better serve visitors. Consequently, Laboratoires Majorelle reserves the right to modify and update these terms and conditions of use at any time without prior notice. We recommend that you regularly refer to the latest version of these conditions.

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Last update to these terms and conditions of use: August 2018.

Mentions légales

PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: collects personal data to improve the User’s experience and to offer contextualized advice by analyzing visits and use of the site. does not collect any sensitive data. The individuals most likely to access the User’s data are the staff of our customer service department. The data may also be processed by Laboratoires Majorelle subsidiaries and subcontractors.

According to the regulations concerning the processing of personal data via the Act of June 21, 2014 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, the French Data-Protection Act of August 6, 2004 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR : no. 2016-679), the User must be informed of how their personal data is used.

Laboratoires Majorelle is responsible for processing personal data. Its legal representative is Gérard Burger.

The website undertakes to comply with the legal provisions in force. It is responsible in particular for establishing the purposes of its data processing, and, as soon as it has obtained their consent, to fully inform its prospects and customers of how their personal data is processed and to maintain an accurate record of processing that is carried out. Every time that processes personal data, takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy and relevance of this data with regard to the purposes of the processing. is likely to process all or part of the data for the following purposes:

  • to enable site browsing and the management and traceability of the services ordered by the User: site-use data and contact form
  • to prevent and fight data fraud (spamming, hacking, etc.): computer equipment used for browsing, IP address, password (hashed)
  • to improve site browsing: connection and use data
  • to conduct promotional campaigns (text messages, emails): telephone number, email address does not sell your personal data, and uses it only out of necessity or for statistical and analytical purposes.

We collect your name, address, email address, company name and title; this information is kept for a maximum of 9 months after the end of the contractual relationship. undertakes never to transfer data collected from its customers to a country located outside the European Union or recognized as “unsuitable” by the European Commission, or to have this data processed or hosted in these countries, without providing customers with prior notice. However, remains free to select its technical and commercial subcontractors on the condition that it presents sufficient guarantees with regard to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: no. 2016-679). undertakes to take all necessary precautions to ensure data security and in particular to ensure that data is not sent to unauthorized individuals. However, if an incident impacting the integrity or confidentiality of the User’s data is brought to the awareness of, it must, as soon as possible, inform the User of it and of the corrective measures taken.

Even under the best of circumstances, no Internet-based transmission method or electronic storage method can be completely secure. We therefore cannot guarantee absolute security. If we discover a security breach, we will alert the Users concerned so that they may take the appropriate measures. Our incident-notification procedures take into account our legal obligations at both national and European level. We undertake to keep our customers fully informed of all issues related to the security of their accounts and to provide them with all the information necessary to help them meet their own obligations in terms of reporting.


No personal data of Users of the site is ever published without their knowledge or exchanged, transferred, ceded or sold on any media whatsoever to third parties. Only an acquisition of and its rights would allow the transmission of said data to the acquirer, who would in turn be held by the same obligation regarding the conservation and modification of data toward the User of the website

To ensure the security of personal data and health-related personal data, uses networks protected by standard measures such as firewalls, pseudonyms, encryption and passwords.

When processing personal data, takes all reasonable measures aimed at preventing loss, inappropriate use, unauthorized access, alteration or destruction.



According to the European legislation currently in force, the User of has the following rights:

  • the right to access (GDPR article 15), correct (GDPR article 16), update and supplement their data, as well as the right to lock or erase personal data (GDPR article 17) when this data is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous or outdated or when its collection, use, transmission or archiving is prohibited.
  • the right to withdraw consent at any time (GDPR article 13-2c)
  • the right to limit the processing of their data (GDPR article 18)
  • the right to oppose the processing of their data (GDPR article 21)
  • the right to transfer the data that they have provided, when this data is processed using automated methods with their consent or on the basis of a contract (GDPR article 20)
  • the right to determine what happens to their data after their death, and if desired to designate a person to should send their data in such an event.

As soon as becomes aware of the death of a User, and if no instructions were left by this User, undertakes to destroy the User’s data, unless its conservation proves necessary for evidentiary purposes or to meet a legal obligation.

If a User wishes to know how uses their personal data, to request a correction to it or to oppose the processing of it, they should contact in writing at the following address:

Laboratoires Majorelle – DPO, Gérard Burger

6 rue Copernic – 75116 Paris, France


In such a case, the User must indicate the personal data that they wish to correct, update or delete, identifying themselves with a copy of an identity card (national identity card or passport).

Requests for deletion of personal data are subject to the obligations imposed upon by the law, in particular regarding the conservation or archiving of documents. Finally, the User of may file a complaint with the supervisory authorities, in particular the CNIL (




A “cookie” is a data file sent through the User’s browser and stored in the User’s device. It includes data such as the domain name, the Internet access provider, the operating system and the date and time of access. In no case do cookies pose a risk of damaging the User’s device. is likely to process data concerning the User’s visit to the site, such as pages viewed and searches performed. This information allows to improve the content of the site and the browsing experience.

Cookies facilitate browsing and/or the supply of services offered by the site. The User may configure their browser in a way that allows them to decide whether or not to accept them and allow them to be saved on their device or, on the other hand, to reject them, either systematically or depending on their issuer. The User may also configure their browser to accept or refuse cookies that are occasionally offered before a cookie is saved on their device. informs the User that in such a case, it is possible that the functions of their browser will not be fully available.

If the User refuses the saving of cookies on their device or browser, or delete cookies that are already saved there, they should be aware that their browsing and experience on the site may be limited. This could also be the case when or one of its service providers is unable, for technical compatibility purposes, to recognize the browser used by the device, the language and display parameters or the country in which the device seems to be connected to the Internet.

When applicable, refuses all liability for consequences of impaired functioning of the site and services that may offer resulting from (i) the User’s refusal of cookies or (ii) the impossibility for to save or view the cookies necessary for their functioning due to the choice made by the User. Each browser is configured differently in terms of how it manages cookies and a User’s choices. It is described in the browser’s Help menu, which allows the User to determine how they can modify their cookie preferences.

The User may opt to express and modify their desires in terms of cookies at any time. may also call upon external service providers to help it collect and process the data described in this section.